On-Line Backup - Features and Benefits

Sonora Communications, Inc.

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On-Line Backup - Features and Benefits

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We offer secure on-line backup for your important data.

We currently support Windows and Linux/Unix clients...and any other platform that supports industry standard protocols.

We have done the math, and on-line backup is usually much less expensive (and more convenient) than backing up to tape.

Though there are positives and negatives to any backup option, we feel on-line backup is the best solution for most of our customers and we have been upgrading them one at a time as their tape drives fail or as they retire old gear. Almost all new network customers are going with on-line backup instead of tape as well.



Low Cost Historically, tape backup has been one of the main causes of service calls...and still is. We have minimized these backup issues over the years by only selling and installing the best backup technologies available, but quality backup gear is expensive. On-line backup has NO up-front hardware costs!
Reliability We have found our on-line backup service to be far more reliable and less trouble (for us as well as the customer) than tape backup. Backup, as an issue, almost disappears. I say almost because WE are monitoring the logs for errors. The customer doesn't even have to do that any more!
Low Maintenance Other than monitoring log files, there is no daily maintenance. Backups are automated and happen during off hours so as not to compete for Internet bandwidth. No more changing tapes (or forgetting to). No more cleaning tapes. No more struggling to understand cryptic backup logs. No more training backup administrators, etc.
Off-Site Storage Data is backed up off-site in our secure data center. You no longer have to worry about taking the latest set of tapes home with you every night (or worry about NOT taking them home).
Our on-line backup system uses industry-standard encryption and compression protocols to securely backup your data to our limited-access, secure data center. Furthermore, if you are one of our DSL Internet access clients, you have the added peace of mind in knowing that your data never travels over the Internet, even if it is encrypted. The data travels directly to our data center from your site via the point-to-point DSL connection.
Efficiency We use the industry-standard rsync protocol to transfer only the data that changed since the last backup. The rsync protocol is smart enough to only transfer the parts of files that have changed!
Our on-line backup solution requires no software to be installed beyond the industry-standard tools that are possibly (probably, in the case of Linux or Mac) already installed on your machine.
Convenience Aside from all the benefits previously mentioned, we can even configure your backup for you remotely, if you so choose.

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