On-Line Backup - The Math

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On-Line Backup - The Math

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A Typical Small Business

Here is an example cost comparison for on-line backup vs. tape backup.

  • 10 PCs
  • 1 server

We have found the Sony AIT2 Turbo SATA tape drive to be among the very best backup solutions for small businesses.

  • amongst the most cost-effective
  • the SATA interface doesn't require the purchase or expense of a SCSI card or cabling
  • Sony AIT technology is industry-leading
  • superior reliability

Sony AIT2 Turbo SATA vs. On-Line Backup


Approx. Cost

Sony AIT i200-ST Tape Drive - 80GB - Serial ATA $1000
Sony AIT Tapes - Six Month GFS Rotation - 14 Tapes $900
Sony AIT Cleaning Tape
Veritas BackupExec Software
Installation - Estimate - 2-3 Hours
Maintenance - Labor, etc. for Three Years - WAG $500
Subtotal $3235
Divided by 36 Months Expected Lifespan
Approximate Monthly Cost
On-Line Backup - 30GB Option
Monthly Savings
Estimated Savings Over the Expected Lifespan of Tape Drive

Now we have found through experience that most small businesses of this size typically store about 5GB to 30GB of data that needs to be backed up. Savings could be significantly greater with the 5GB, 10GB or 20GB plans.

As a general rule, we recommend to our customers to store all files of any value whatsoever on their server, where it gets backed up every night. We don't generally recommend the backup of workstation PCs...it's too much trouble and of dubious value. So this comparison is only for backing up the server.

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