Multi-Level Backup System

Sonora Communications, Inc.

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Multi-Level Backup System

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These notes outline a simple two-level multi-level backup system that we commonly use for small business clients.

We refer to a Level 1 backup system that uses a local hard disk to back up server data.

We refer to a Level 2 backup system as an on-line backup service for off-site and/or long term storage.

We rarely install tape backup systems these days as the newer disk-based systems are much more reliable and are usually much less expensive. However, there are circumstances where tape-based backup is called for, for example in scenarios where a customer has a large amount of data that changes frequently (think video production). This scenario is not optimal for on-line backup due to the speed of the typical Internet connection.

  • Typical Storage and Backup Scenario
    • RAID 1 (mirrored) or RAID 5 redundant primary storage
    • Automated level 1 backup
    • Automated level 2 backup
  • Level 1 Backup
    • Uses extra local hard disk
      • Fast backups
      • Backs up everything
      • Inexpensive hardware
      • Minimal 'backup window' required
      • Fast and convenient restores
      • Disaster recovery capable
      • Automated
      • No monthly cost
  • Level 2 Backup
    • Uses on-line backup service
      • Slower than level 1
      • May not back up absolutely everything due to monthly cost
      • Off-site storage in a secure data center
      • No extra hardware required
      • Uses Internet connection during off-hours
      • Automated
      • Secure, encrypted connections
      • Business survives even if server and L1 backup devices are stolen or destroyed
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