BackupPC on SME using USB External drive

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BackupPC on SME using USB External drive

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Configure SME to use USB External drive for Backuppc

Install USB Drive Manager in SME Server Panel

This USB manager for SME Server-Manager panel is a great help.


or alternate


Then run:

yum localinstall smeserver-usbdisksmanager-0.2-0.1.noarch.rpm

Install and configure this add-on or set USB drive to mount
to /opt/backuppc BEFORE installation of Backuppc.  This will save you
time and effort trouble shooting issues with permissions.

Configure USB Manager for Backuppc and set Mount Point

In the server panel you will see USB Disks under Miscellanious.  The
Help option has a lot of good information for configuring your USB drive
to work with the USB Manager.  You must have a label for your hard
drive.  Info on partitioning, formatting and labelling your drive is in

Once you have the drive labeled you will see an "Add" option in the USB
Manager for the USB drive attached.  Click "Add" to configure the drive
for a mount point.  Set the "Mount to" point to /opt/backuppc.  Add
"suid" to the -o mount option field.  This is necessary for the Backuppc
web interface to work.  Enable "Status" but leave "Media" disabled.  If
enabled "Media" will mount the drive again.

Now your USB drive will show up in "Mount Points Known".  Make sure that
"auto mountto" is enabled and "automedia" is disabled.

Now you can install Backuppc per Daniel's howto. and  it will use theUSB drive to store the backups.

Create Shell Script to ensure USB drive is mounted  before Backuppc starts

After a reboot I have see it take a couple of minutes (sometimes, not always) for the USB drive to mount.  This will cause Backuppc service to not start.  To make sure it starts every time I created a shell script with a "sleep" command to restart Backppc.  This is a little ugly if for whatever reason the USB drive mounts in time as it will restart the already running Backuppc service.  It does however insure that it will start regardless of the initial time it takes to mount the drive.

Login as root to the console.


Add these lines. 

sleep 200
/etc/init.d/backuppc restart

Save the file and exit.

Add these lines to the end of rc.local 

 #vim /etc/rc.local

#delay start of Backuppc until USB drive mounts
/root/ &

Save the file and exit.




Last Updated on Sunday, 06 July 2008 17:30