Multiple Copies of E-Mail Messages

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Multiple Copies of E-Mail Messages

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A common issue for users of Microsoft mail clients (Outlook, Outlook Express) is multiple copies of messages showing up in your Inbox with no obvious reason.

Please check two things:

Leave Messages on Server

The most common cause may be the option to Leave Messages on Server.  If you set the Leave Messages on Server setting to more than 5 days, you will almost certainly experience terrible bouts of duplicate messages sooner or later!

Adjust this setting to 5 or fewer days like this in Outlook:

Tools -> E-Mail Accounts -> View or Change... -> Change -> More Settings -> Advanced

If Leave Messages on Server is checked, make sure the Remove From Server setting is 5 or less.

Rules Processing

One common cause of multiple messages are misconfigured E-Mail Rules.  Check for this in Outlook by clicking:

Tools -> Rules and Alerts

Check each rule to verify the proper logic.


Improper forwarding can also result in duplicate messages.  Make sure you have not configured an account or a mail client to forward messages in an illogical fashion. 

Last Updated on Monday, 07 July 2008 13:35