Linksys Print Server WPS54G Setup

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Linksys Print Server WPS54G Setup

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Instructions for Setup of Linksys Wireless Print Server WPS54G

Reset by removing power. Press reset button as power is applied and hold for 10 seconds.

Recycle power.

*Plug into a wired network that has a DHCP server. DHCP is enabled on pserver by default.

If configuring pserver with a PC that has wireless, disable the wireless interface.

Run Linksys CD.

Setup Print Server

Click next until pserver discovery page.

Note IP address of pserver.

Open browser and type IP address in address bar

User: (leave blank) Password: admin

Click Protocol. Enter static IP info of your choice compatible with current network.

Click save.

Change IP in browser to IP you have just assigned the pserver.

Click wireless. Change SSID to same as your access point. Click save.

Click back

Click security. Set WEP (64 or 128 bit) to match your access point. Set Key #1 to match WEP key on Access Point. Click save.

Remove power and Ethernet cable. Plug in power.

You should be able to ping the IP you have assigned the pserver.

*If no DHCP Server is available set the PC to DHCP enabled and it will get a 169.x.x.x address. So will the pserver. Use the 169.x.x.x address of pserver in browser. After setting pserver static IP set compatible IP on PC to finish configuration




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