List Open Files with Samba

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List Open Files with Samba

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This command, run from the Samba server console as root, will show all of the open files that have been opened by client workstations.  You might use it to determine if it is safe to restart the Samba daemons.


Look for the section labelled 'Locked Files'.

Sometimes a file will be left in a locked condition and cannot be reopenned.  We have seen this with Outlook .pst files.  Restarting Samba will fix this without rebooting the server.

It is usually wise to check for open files and to ask users to close them before restarting the Samba daemons.

Restart Samba

On Redhat based systems, this command will usually restart Samba:

service smb restart

Last Updated on Tuesday, 19 August 2008 13:51