Level 1 Backup on SME 8

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Level 1 Backup on SME 8

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Multi-Level Backup System

These notes have been tested only on SME Server version 8, but they will probably work on SME 7 as well.

These notes pertain to configuring what we call "Level 1" backups in a multi-level backup system. We are referring to a backup system that uses a local hard disk to back up server data as well as an on-line backup service for off-site storage.

  • Level 1 Backup
    • Uses local hard disk
      • Fast backups
      • Minimal 'backup window' required
      • Fast and convenient restores
      • Disaster recovery
  • Level 2 Backup
    • Uses on-line backup service
      • Slower than level 1
      • Off-site storage
      • No hardware required
  • Typical Scenario
    • Software RAID 5 for primary storage
    • Separate hard drive for backups
    • Hard drive only mounted during backup

Prepare Backup Hard Disk

The following operations are performed at the console as root.

Prepare the Separate Backup Drive

fdisk -l                        # Determine which drive is the backup drive - Be sure!
fdisk /dev/sdd                  # Add a partition
mkfs.ext3 -L backup /dev/sdd1   # Format the partition
mkdir /media/backup             # Create a mount point
vim /etc/fstab                  # Modify /etc/fstab and add a line for your drive
                                # The drive is not auto-mounted or fsck'd

LABEL=backup            /media/backup           ext3    defaults,noauto 1 0

mount /media/backup             # Test the mounting
df -T                           # Show the new filesystem
umount /media/backup            # Unmount the new filesystem

Before continuing to the configuration stage, you must reboot.  Otherwise, the new backup disk will not be available as a choice of disks to back up to.  If you see the Backup share set to nolabel, you forgot to reboot.


SME Server Manager

Configure Workstation Backup

Settings will vary! This example is for a dedicated internal level-1 backup drive.

A set is a full backup plus incrementals.

  • Configure Workstation Backup: Local USB Disk
  • Backup share: backup
  • Number of rotating backup sets: 4
  • Daily backups in each set: 7
  • Workstation backup time of day: 10:00 PM
  • Optional backup session timeout: 8
  • Don't timeout full backup sessions: selected
  • Backup compression level: 6
  • Full backup is allowed on: Sunday

Run a Backup Manually

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