How to Capture Screens and Windows

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How to Capture Screens and Windows

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Ever wanted to capture an error message or help screen but forgot how?

This is sometimes referred to as a "screenshot".

This was also tested under Windows Terminal Services.

  • <Ctrl> + <Print Scrn> will capture the entire screen
  • <Alt>+<Print Scrn> will capture just the active window

You won't see anything happen when you hit those keys. You'll have to paste (<Ctrl>+v) into some program that will accept a bitmap image, such as an e-mail message, Windows Paint or even Microsoft Word.

Start -> Programs -> Accessories -> Paint

If you want to send the capture in an e-mail message, just paste into the message you are composing. Note this will work in most mail clients, but not all, and that you have to be composing an HTML message (as opposed to plain text).

If you just want to save the capture as an image, Paint is a better choice. You can then crop it and resize it to your needs. For small file size "Save as" a .jpg (.jpeg in Paint).

Last Updated on Wednesday, 13 May 2009 08:05