Managing Your Windows On-Line Backup

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Managing Your Windows On-Line Backup

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These are a few notes for simple backup or simple restoration of your Sonora On-line Backup data.  You might use these notes to

  • restore a file from backup
  • manage what data is actually getting backed up
  • manage the size of your on-line backup account

OBM - On-Line Backup Manager

The OBM is the more sophisticated of our two on-line backup programs for Windows clients.  It uses the same backup server as the ACB backup client, but has additional capabilities.


  1. Log into the Windows server as 'administrator'.
  2. Double-click little blue 'O' in the System Tray to open Online Backup Manager.

Manage Backup Jobs

  1. Click the 'Settings' icon at the bottom left (a little gear).
  2. Choose the backup set to manage.  A Small Business Server would commonly have three backups for files, one for MS SQL Server databases and one for MS Exchange Server data.

If you are trying to manage what is actually being backed up or the size of your backup account, you probably want to look at these two items:

  • Retention Policy - Determines how long old (changed) backup data is kept.
  • Backup Source - Determines what data is selected for backup.

Perform a Backup

  1. Click the 'Backup' icon at the left.
  2. Select the backup set you want to backup right now, then click OK.

Restore Data

  1. Click the 'Restore' icon at the left.
  2. Choose from which backup set you want to restore, then click 'next'.
  3. Choose the date from which you would like to restore at the top.
  4. Select with a check mark the files (right) or folders (left) that you want to restore.  You'll need to 'drill down' and click on folder names on the left in order to see the files listed on the right.
  5. Choose a destination for the restored files.  It is easier to restore to the original location, but this is often not the best thing to do.  You will generally want to restore the file permissions also.
  6. Click 'Start Restore'.

Closing OBM

When closing the Online Backup manager, you need to save the settings back to the backup server only if you made any intentional configuration changes.  If you just did a restore or were just looking around, you don't need to save settings back to the server.

Official User Guide

Get it here.

Last Updated on Thursday, 30 September 2010 15:45