Domain Owner Administration

Sonora Communications, Inc.

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Domain Owner Administration

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Domain Owner Administration

Login to https://admin.yourdomain.tld using the credentials for FTP access.  If you do not know these credentials let us know and we will get them for you.  This site gives you control over many facets of your domain, web space, email and users.

Click here to read the VirtualMin documtation for domain owners.

Here are some high points.  There are many settings that can cause issues with your domain and email.  I suggest you do not change any settings if you are not absolutely sure of the result.

Edit Mail and FTP Users

  • Login to https://admin.yourdomain.tld using your main loin credentials.  If you don't know what they are let us know.
  • Click the Edit Mail and FTP Users link on the left
  • Click the user to be edited

Here you can see/change the users password.  Create email aliases, set forward rules for email, set disk quotas, disable logins etc.  You can also add and delete users.