Linksys/Sipura SPA-2100 ATA Connection Notes

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Linksys/Sipura SPA-2100 ATA Connection Notes

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Where Did It Come From?

If your SPA2100 came pre-programmed from a VOIP provider, you may need to take extra care and may run into certain limitations.  We have even heard that sometimes line 1 is not usable...

When trying to gain admin access to a SPA2100, connect your PC to the LAN interface and set it to DHCP mode.  Once you get assigned an IP address via DHCP, try accessing the unit with a web browser pointed to '.1' within the IP address range to which you were assigned.  This can save you a lot of troubleshooting. 

When programming the SPA2100, first disconnect the WAN interface.  This will keep it from being provisioned automatically via the Internet and save you a lot of time troubleshooting!  Once you default the unit, you can then (probably) turn off the auto-provisioning which will (hopefully) leave you in control of the unit.

To turn off auto-provisioning from the web interface, choose:

Admin Login -> Voice -> Advanced -> Provisioning

Then reconnect the WAN interface after programming the unit. 


When connecting the SPA-2100, use the WAN interface to register to an Asterisk (SAIL/SARK) server.  The unit will apparently not register via the LAN interface.


Default the SPA-2100 to factory defaults using a standard telephone plugged into port 1.  

Dial ****73738# then: 1#  to confirm

The WAN interface defaults to DHCP, which is usually what you want.

The LAN interface defaults to where you can access the unit's web management interface.

The NAT and DHCP server functions default to on, but as you probably won't plug any devices into the LAN port (other than when programming the unit), that shouldn't matter. 


  • disable (probably) 


  • Interdigit Short Timer
    • set to 10 to fix too-short dial tone
  • Time Zone
    • your time zone
  • Daylight Saving Time Rule
    • in AZ, USA, we don't observe DST so I deleted the rule
  • DTMF Playback Length
    • set to .5 for better in-call touch tone response


  • Line enable = yes
  • Nat = no
  • SIP Port and EXT SIP Port = 5060
  • Proxy = ip of your asterisk
  • Outgoing Proxy = ip of your asterisk
  • Use Outbound Proxy = yes
  • Register = yes
  • User ID = Your extention number, e.g. 203 (whatever you setup on asterisk)
  • Password = the password you set on asterisk for this extention
  • DTMF Tx Method = INFO
  • Hook Flash Tx Method = INFO
  • Dial Plan = (*x.|*xx*x.|x.)
    • It may be better to match exactly as wildcards cause a delay in processing
    • This dial plan allows 7 and 11 digit dialing only: (xxxxxxx|xxxxxxxxxxx)
    • This dial plan allows for faster dialing in most cases: ([2-9]xxxxxxS0|1xxxxxxxxxxS0|*xx*|x.)

Line 2

  • like line 1 but different extension or even different server 

Asterisk sip.conf Example

callerid="your_ID" <5000>


First off, we don't have a stock SPA-2100 to test with, so these instructions are incomplete.  Our unit came from a VOIP provider that preconfigured certain things.  We had very limited (unpredictable) auto-provisioning results from our unit.  We'd love to 'unlock' it from the original VOIP provider's pre-provisioning, but haven't been able to so far.

These instructions assume you have a TFTP server and a DHCP server with option 66 support already installed on your LAN. 

First, disconnect the WAN interface cable and default the unit as above.

Prepare the configuration files and place them in the TFTP root directory.  Some PBX systems (SARK/SAIL) do this for you.  This section assumes at least a file called spa<your_MAC_address>.cfg.  You will have one per each SPA-2100.

Using the web management interface, make these settings: 

  • Router
    • WAN Setup
      • DNS Server Order
        • set to DHCP (best, or...)
        • enter your local DNS server
  • Voice
    • Provisioning
      • Provision Enable
        • yes
      • Profile Rule
        • /spa$MA.cfg 

Sample Config File 

Named /tftpboot/spa000e08ef3d11.cfg in this case.  Your name will differ.

<User_ID_x_> 5000
<Password_x_> 5000
<Display_Name_x_> my_name
<Dial_Plan_x_> (*x.|*xx*x.|x.)
<Time_Zone> GMT
<Resync_Periodic> 3600

Backup/Restore Tool

More Info 

Voxilla How-To

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