Telco AC-211 (Sunrocket Gizmo) Connection Notes

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Telco AC-211 (Sunrocket Gizmo) Connection Notes

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This information is mostly plagiarized from others.  You know who you are and thank you.

The AC-211-SR, also known as the Sunrocket 'Gizmo', is a 2-port FXS + LAN gateway device.  It comes pre-configured for the Sunrocket VOIP service.  After much investigation, we got ours working with Asterisk as an ATA (FXS) device. 

Here are some reference URLs:,17313021

You will find documentation and the latest firmware I could find in our file library.

  • Firmware
    • Follow the installation instructions carefully in the Release Notes
  • Documentation
    • Admin and User Guides


Reset the unit to defaults by plugging in an analog phone in port 1.  Dial this sequence and wait for the unit to reset.


If you have ADMIN access via a web browser, you can choose:

  • Reset
    • Default 


Connect your computer to the LAN port on the AC-211for programming. 

Connect the WAN port to the network where your Asterisk server is located.  The ATA will communicate with Asterisk via the WAN port.  We do not use the ATA as a LAN gateway (router) here, only as a ATA (analog telephone adapter) (also known as a 2-port FXS device).

You may find the unit automatically reprograms itself when you least expect it if it has access to the Internet via the WAN port!  You may want to disconnect the WAN port to keep it from reprogramming itself while you work.  Conversely, if you are having trouble accessing the web management pages, try giving it access to the Internet, then reboot it and try accessing it again.

Management Access

The ADMIN password is "io$c6%2" or "18," without the quotes.

The USER password is probably "welcome", but you need the ADMIN password.

Try accessing with a web browser pointed to, or 

Try setting your PC for DHCP and try to get an IP address assigned from the ATA.  Then point your browser to 192.168.x.1 where x is the same as was assigned your PC by DHCP.  If your PC fails to DHCP from the ATA, try manually setting your PC's IP address in turn to 192.168.x.10 where x is 7, 100 or 251.


After modifying the settings, be sure to save.

Once you've defaulted the programming per the reset procedure above and gained ADMIN access:

  • WAN
    • WAN Settings
      • Obtain WAN configuration dynamically
        • this is probably what you want, but ...
    • Autoconfiguration
      • disable Automatic Configuration
        • This will keep Sunrocket from reprovisioning your ATA
  • Miscellaneous
    • NTP Server
    • Time Zone
  • Security
    • change the Administrator password to something easier for you to remember
    • Access
      • Service Access Configuration
        • "Y"=="Y"){ document.write("Admin "); }HTTP Admin Access
          • enable WAN
            • so you don't have to plug your PC into the LAN port to manage the device
  • SIP
    • enter your new Asterisk SIP information
    • each of the two phone lines in the ATA can be set to seperate extensions
    • instead of entering phone numbers, put the extension number
    • often, the extension, username and password are the same
    • SIP Configuration
      • SIP Server Settings
        • Primary server
          • IP Address
            • IP of Asterisk server
          • Domain Name
            • FQDN of Asterisk server
            • ie. pbx.your.domain
          • Dial Plan
            • leave default?
            • will probably need tweaking
          • Line 1
            • User / Phone Num
              • extension number
            • CallerID Name
              • same as sip.conf
            • Authentication User Name
              • extension number
            • Password
              • ext. number also?

Use the Reset menu item to reboot the unit when done.

QoS - Traffic Shaping

Look here and here


This is very preliminary info but seems to work so far.

Sample sip.conf

callerid="Your_Name" <5000>

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