Remote Extensions on SAIL/SARK Using Polycom Phones

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Remote Extensions on SAIL/SARK Using Polycom Phones

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These are just some very quick notes that will be fleshed out at a later time. These are just reminders of some of the things I need to investigate fully when I tackle remote provisioning.


Provisioning Polycom Phones for SAIL 

Suggested Procedure

Access the SAIL Extensions from the SAIL PBX section of the Server-Manager.

Create a local extension and let the phone be provisioned locally.

Edit the local extension and set

Registrar for remote phones - external IP or DNS name

Phone location - Remote

then reboot the phone and let it boot up normally.

Unplug the phone and take it off-site for remote use. 

Other Settings to Check on the Phone

General - Time - SNTP Server - set to a public NTP server

Lines - Line 1 - Server 1 - Address - set to external IP of SAIL server 

Last Updated on Sunday, 06 July 2008 21:32