Configure Polycom Phone for Remote use Sail/SME

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Configure Polycom Phone for Remote use Sail/SME

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Configure Polycom Phone for Remote use Sail/SME

Retrieve the MAC address from the bottom of the Polycom Phone

Login to the SME Server-Manager

Select "Extensions" from the "Sail PBX" portion of the menu on the left

Click the "New Extension" button

For a remote installation (home, remote office, etc.) select the users extension and add 100.  For example 5004 would be 5104.

 "Phone Type" is "Polycom 501"

 Enter the MAC address from the phone

For "Sip AIX" use the remote extension #

Click "Save" and then "Commit"

Go back to "Extensions" and edit the extension just created.  Change the MAC address so that all characters are lower case.

Click "Save" and then "Commit"

Plug the phone into the network that the phone system server is on.

Watch the boot up carefully.  Edit the setup when prompted and change from FTP to TFTP.

Direct TFTP to the IP address of the phone system server (x.x.x.x)

Reboot and let the phone configure (this takes several minutes)

Click "Aliases" on the menu to the left and add the new remote extension to the users ring group.

Test for calls, extensions, ring group etc.

Edit the new extension and select "Phone Location: remote" instead of local.

Power off the phone and install in remote location.

Last Updated on Sunday, 06 July 2008 21:31