Snom Phones

Sonora Communications, Inc.

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Snom Phones

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Default Password

The default password is "0000" (four zeros).

Reset To Defaults

Via Web Interface

Use the following URLs.  Use your phone's IP address (snom3xx-> help button).

Reboot the phone afterwards. This will work only if the web interface is not secured with a password.

Firmware lower 3.0: http://phonesIpAdr/set_base_en.htm?reset=Reset

Firmware higher or equal 3.0: http://phonesIpAdr/advanced.htm?reset=Reset

Via Phone Buttons

snom360: Press the "Settings" Key and scroll down to "Reset Values". Confirm by pressing !

snom320: Press the "Settings" Key and press the soft key below the displayed "Reset".

snom300: Press the "Navigation Button" "down arrow" and scroll until "Configuration". Press the "Navigation Button" "right arrow" and confirm by pressing the 'check' or enter button.

snom190: Use the arrow keys to navigate to "Configuration". Press the left "softkey" below "Reset".

TFTP Update

This method combines the firmware update and the factory reset. It will work also on lost "HTTP" password.

VMail (voicemail) Softkey

Add this to sip.conf in Asterisk to program the VMail softkey to dial Asterisk voicemail:

; program the Snom vmail key
; this example is for SAIL/SARK



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