Telephone Systems

Sonora Communications, Inc. sells and supports affordable, modern Voice over IP (VoIP) phones and phone systems:

  • Modern Digital Voice Gear Is Better and Less Expensive than Analog
  • Yealink Desk and Conference Phones
  • Grandstream Phones and PBX Appliances
  • Plus Many Other Brands
  • Inexpensive PBX Appliance and Hosted PBX Options

Telephone Service

We provide inexpensive and reliable digital voice service:

  • You Can Save 50% or More on Monthly Voice Costs!
  • Clear Digital Call Quality
  • US/Canada Voice Service Included (same as local)
  • Inexpensive International Calling
  • e911 Emergency and CallerID Name Services
  • Toll Free Numbers Available
  • Failover to Mobile (or any number)
  • Dramatically Simplified Billing
  • Hosted PBX Starting at $16.95/mo